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Project description

Unity Nursery and Primary School is a new school to be built in Eastern Uganda, Kaiberamaido District, Opilitok Village.

Our representative in Uganda purchased a fenced plot of land near Opilitok in 2013 in collaboration with Call to Care Uganda. A drinking water pump is already present on this piece of land and there are options for power supply. Together with the architect, the Chica Foundation (“Stichting Chica”) has created a design of a school that fully meets the Ugandan standards. This design serves as the basis for the construction of the school.

Construction will take place in close collaboration with the community. A school board has already been formed and steps have been taken to take care of all the administrative work. This involves licenses, the school curriculum, teaching materials, and so on.

The Chica Foundation supports the Unity School by raising funds in the Netherlands and by guiding and monitoring the construction of the school. We also provide assistance and expertise to the board regarding setting up the school. After the completion of the school, the Chica Foundation will keep supporting this school where necessary.

Problem description

The Chica Foundation wants to give all children a chance at education. In Uganda, children have to walk long distances to go to school. They can't do this at a young age. By building a school closer by, these children can also attend school. Having more schools also has the advantage that classes will become smaller and children will enjoy more individual attention.

Another big problem in Uganda are the many orphans. These children often do not find the way to school or have no financial resources to pay for school materials and school fees. With this new school, the Chica Foundation also wants to provide opportunities to this group of children.

A third, emerging issue is that Uganda has no formal educational levels. Each child will receive the same type of education and is expected to learn at the same speed. Many children therefore will not make it to secondary education. With smaller classes more attention will be available to each child. Additionally, the Chica Foundation wants to start providing vocational skills at this primary school so that children, when necessary, will be able to support themselves after primary school.


  • Constructing the school up until class Primary 7. Building a school kitchen and toilets.
  • Establishing a vocational education program. So that when kids leave school, they can immediately start making money and support themselves.
  • The Chica Foundation will support and guide the construction and start-up process from beginning to end. Once the school is running we will stay involved in the school and will maintain close contact with the board and support where necessary with knowledge, school and building materials.

How does the Chica Foundation want to achieve this goal?

The school preparations are now in the final phase. The construction drawings are ready. A long-term plan has been written and the goals have been set. Together with Call to Care Uganda, we have raised enough money to build toilets and two classrooms.

Right now we are trying to find a good construction company that can construct the buildings. Once found, we will begin construction of the restrooms and two classrooms.

We have now also started raising money for the second phase. This will include the construction of the next two classrooms. The exact start of the construction of these two classrooms will depend on how the opening of the school and recruitment of students will go. And also of course on all donations. Would you like to help us to continue to build this school? Then your donation would be very welcome. You can donate via our page on Pifworld. Please also click the follow button. Then you will automatically receive the latest updates.

Most important activities

  • Building classrooms, a kitchen and toilets
  • Supporting and guiding the school board during the starting phase of the school.
  • Monitoring of the construction and the start-up process.
  • Raising funds to realise the Unity Nursery and Primary School.

Extrernal risks

There are very few risks associated with this project. The project may turn out to be more expensive due to changing regulations imposed on schools in Uganda. Uganda is a country in development and development also brings (new) regulations.

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